Good morning Calshtalk!

A few days ago I came upon a 'journal' of sorts buried deep in the cockles of one of my motorcycle sub forums. After reading all 150 pages of one of the most epic threads I have ever witnessed, I have decide to share.

I would just post up a link, and let you have at it, but the more I think about it, I would like to remove the reactions of a bunch of knuckle-dragging motorcycle enthusiasts, and return the speculations back onto fresh readers (a sort of revival of the happenings in real time). However, due to the way Kinja is setup there is no 'bumping' of threads to the top of the main page. This makes it hard to start a thread, and roll it out in the same suspenseful fashion that the OP did. Even if our forum were liner like it was in the 'good old days', the thread would be buried in a matter of only a few days via chatter.

To that end, I have decided a daily post is the most logical solution. Because I will be only posting the OP's unedited replies to the original thread the occasional paragraph might not make total sense, but I have a feeling he will be answering the same questions you may have, and you will get the idea of what is going on.

I welcome any comments you may have, and I'm especially interested in the comments you may make to the OP. I kind of have a vision of my Clashtalkers filling the thread with sound advice, and the usual banter all my cuties' typically toss around.


This starts off slow, but I'm telling you, if it weren't epic, I wouldn't be doing this to you.


"Day One, Afternoon

So I always glance over these links that people humorously post about how "chicks dig bikes" and how "Rides Motorcycle" is the second most popular search criteria for women on places like etc. and I just laughingly say to myself... Ok, Whatever...

But in an almost movie scripted way, I was standing outside my office door looking at some papers and I hear a voice over my shoulder "Have you been riding motorcycles for a long time?"

I scribble another note over some questionable numbers and turn and look up...

10 weeks ago our office received an infusion of new staff, mainly to support HR as our ranks have swelled to over 100 on site personnel and remote HR was not as effective.

Amy was one of the new assistants, and all stereotypes aside, she was the one that had all the programmer and accountant guys with their noses stuck to the glass as she came into the building in the morning and left in the afternoon.

I would be lying if I didn't say that in the beginning I tried to strike up conversations with her often or say "hello" to her more frequently than others in the office, but she was universally aloof... Never stringing together more than a few words in greeting or in conversation with the majority of the people she interacted with.

You could see her often with the few girlfriends she made at the office talking and laughing... and if one were to say, eavesdrop thru one's office door to conversations she had with others about politics, life, or people, one would get the ready impression that she was an intelligent, insightful person.

After a few weeks of replies like "it was fine..." or "hi" to my salutations like "How was your weekend Amy?" I decided that reality rules the wise and to me she became a competent, efficient fellow employee who regarded me, and most other men in the office as "goons"

"The color is really vibrant, I Love it!"

"Uh... Thanks Amy..."

"I remember when I was really little my dad had a Yamaha and he would let me ride in front of him around the block and it was so much fun! I always wondered why later I didn't get a motorcycle, especially in college. My friends all had motorcycles and we would ride into town to the coffeshop and just hang out for hours! Well they would ride, I would have to hitch a ride with whoever was cutest at the time *laughing*" (She has a pretty laugh)

"That's sounds like it was alot of fu..."

"Oh! and I remember this time that an old boyfriend had a dirtbike and we went out in the middle of nowhere so he could teach me how to ride safely... Turns out he had other things he wanted to teach me, but I still got to ride for a little while and so I was thinking even about riding offroad too!"

"Offroad riding is great, I've done a litt..."

"You ride dirtbikes too? I remember his was a Kawasaki, it was green which is how I knew your bike was a Kawasaki too, I love that color, I'm glad you didn't get it in one of the other colors... What other colors does it come in by the way?"

"Well there's Blu..."

"What year is it?"

"It's a 2005 actually..." (First sentence completed!)

"So its brand new! Is it fun riding into work? I'll bet it makes the commute much nicer than mine. I have to drive in from Walnut Creek, and even though its counter commute, It's such a long way. Did you park out in front?"

"Yes, always, it's easier to keep an eye on it that way *smile*"

"I would probably do that too if I had one *smile* Maybe after lunch we could walk out there, I would love to see it!"


"ok, well have a great day and I'll come by after lunch..."


I'm going to find that magazine article about motorcyclists and Convertibles, and read it over again..."



I'm going to speed up the beginning a bit to get you hooked. All of the knuckle draggers are asking for a photo of the girl of the last 24 hours.



"A picture is worth a thousand words, but the human imagination can encompass the boundless Universe...

There is no way I'm going to "Shit where I eat" and I'm not "looking to get some" I just thinks its very gratifying to have her so interested and talking when previously I was a nobody!

Members on **** who've read more of my posts from the beginning already know that I'm married and I'm not "hittin' it" with any woman other than my wife! And I have NO intentions too!

But that doesn't mean its not fantastically satisfying to have the attention and to come wandering in the front doors of the office laughing and talking with her while my officemates drool.

I'm milking that for ALL its worth! That's all there is to it!




"Well, fantastic to me, I've been married a long time, but probably "amusing" to most others who get to "hit it" with regularity... and though not vain at all, people tell me I do not look my age of which she is a little more than half of.

I realize that the bike did "something" or at least triggered something with her. My guess as an armchair psychologist is warm memories of the past in childhood and fun, wistful memories of the past in college...

Yesterday afternoon I was getting my Astar jacket on and she was walking by and came into my office and helped with the collar, and zipped up one of the wrists...

Is that a bad, "Turn back now... quickly" sign?

I found it disturbing because she just walked in, did it, smiled, and walked out without saying a word...




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