This is part three of an eight part series. If you are just joining, it's best to start at the beginning. I have no idea if anyone is really reading this, but I figure I'll keep going till I'm told to stop.


"Day Two, Afternoon

I am caught in the midst of an epic power struggle...

The morning completed itself relatively quickly. I decided to apply myself wholly to the tasks of the day and actually made some impressive headway on some tasks I thought would haunt me next week.

I hadn't seen nor heard of Amy in all that time and didn't dwell on that, or the words that Nora and I had earlier in the morning.

On my way down the hall toward the kitchen to wash my mug, and there was Amy at the opposite end, walking toward me. She passed two other guys as she approached and they seemed to have no hesitation or shame in turning to watch her walk past.

She waved and smiled at me and for a moment, all the posturing and accusations and all the apparent "connections" seemed like a ridiculous farce and a memory. Everything was normal and she would simply walk past.

Then, a few steps from me, she turned, folded her arms behind her at the small of her back and leaned against the wall just as I came up.

As much as I tried to dismiss them, knots of nervousness welled up in my gut, and I found myself preoccupied, with her there in front of me... And it was maddening trying to determine if she truly was attempting to appear as "helpless" (with her hands behind her back) as she appeared to be.

I composed as much of myself as I could and we talked about the commute, some work related matters, and finally about the home prices in the bay area and their tie-in to the rising fuel costs. If she had instead chosen to talk about the latest sitcom, hairstyle, or Rock band, things would have been easier, as I could then have claimed ignorance, but for every intellectual roadblock I tried to throw up, she deftly leapt over it and kept on going.

Several people passed us in the hall and stared as we spoke and each time I was thinking, illogically or not, that some weird "grapevine" twisted story about how I "did her" in the middle of the hallway would reach my wife.

Then Nora's voice came down from the end of the hallway almost as if it were drummed up by my subconscious. I turned to see she was actually standing there a few meters away. She called to me that PowerPoint slides needed to be finalized before this afternoon's three o'clock.

Amy spoke before I could, "He'll be there when we're done"

Nora's response, "This is work, you're done..."

My mind raced for that perfect verbal solution to the vise grip of tension.

"I need to take care of this Amy, we can talk later"


I started walking toward Nora expecting Amy to continue in the direction she was originally going, but instead, she dropped in right next to me and we walked toward Nora together.

It felt like the Green mile...

As we got closer I could have sworn that Amy began to "strut", and when I stopped in front of Nora, who was making a concerted effort to keep her back directly facing Amy at all times, she then gave the back of Nora's neck a cold stare before she finally looked at me, smiled and said,

"I'll come find you"

I blithely reached out for the folder that Nora was holding and then heard her mutter a word I haven't heard her say in the 4 years I have known her...

"Fucking bitch"

I handed the folder back to her, a little stunned.

She never looked up and just waved her hand at me dismissively and said we would talk later... and she apologized before retreating down the hall.

I made my way back to my desk to write this and my mug is still dirty...



As with any male dominated pack, the more slimy members are stereotypically calling 'dibs' on his wife when she eventually catches him being a horrible husband.


A few months prior Feanor admitted that he had a crush on his married neighbor 'Gina'. Questions arise as to the beauty of 'J', and discussions of a poor home life are also abound.


"I try to use sugar coating as sparingly as I can, and though I think my wife is stunning, if she were standing on a stage with group of Hooter's waitresses, Umbrella girls, and various and sundry supermodels, I've told her that she might stand a chance of being selected last...

Unless I was there, in which case she would be selected first, because I know her, and though I believe all women are beautiful in different ways, I know with certainty she is beautiful inside and out.

I'm determined not to lose that; despite Amy, despite Gina (my Neighbor) and maybe the challenges that I place myself in from time to time is proof of that concept. J believes that I might fall into these situations because I have no expectations to, and she's told me that from her perspective, women sense which men aren't looking, and it makes them feel safe, and that leads to bad things.

I have specific failings, and one day, they might be my undoing... but not this day




By now the Masses are split in half as to weather this story is real, or fiction.



(Random commenter quote by Feanor)

"Anyone elses BS meter twitching? I mean, Feanor's clearly not stupid and yet he's posting this on a public forum? He's either a good fiction writer or a total tard."



"Even my own BS meter is twitching... Like a mystery, inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma, the very essence of the fictional characteristics of the account serves as its own best defense.

"If I killed him, why would I write a book saying that I did?" -Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct...

Thinking on it, I haven't said anything I would fear my wife reading here, and some things I wish she did read. (since I have an easier time expressing myself in writing)

We've been together a long time... for all that I've been embroiled in I've never been unfaithful, I suppose women can sense that as well... After Gina moved in next-door and we were becoming friends, she'd come home from work after me and ask what I had been up to, I would say, "Gina and I had sex like lemmings..."

Her response, "did you use protection?" (as she was starting to make dinner)

I would think her trust level is incredibly high, or the intensity of her revenge plans is sufficiently comforting...




The group is also still loudly calling for photos, mainly because 'knuckle-dragging motorcycle nuts' are as visually oriented as most people can get.



"Just use these images as a reference point... Because I won't post personal pictures... I picked these particular ones of celebrities because they were closest to resemblance or the closest I could do... If any of you see this... I hope you find them at least flattering before doing me in..."



If you are interested in no longer using your vivid imagination, click here to see Feanor's photos of the famous people he believes best resemble the players.


See you tomorrow.

Part four.