My goddaughter's birthday is coming up and I'm unreliable about remembering it to say the least. I usually make up for it at Christmas, but dang it ~ this year I am on the ball. Maybe some of you more recent college grads have some ideas of good gifts for students.

She is living in an off-campus apartment this year, not a dorm. A potential wrinkle is that she goes to school in the wild north, so I'm not sure if certain gift cards and things like that can be used across the border. I'm concerned about shipping costs and customs, so it seems kind of silly to send homemade cookies or something, but maybe I have that all wrong and she would totally lose her mind over them. Thoughts?

ETA: Now why didn't this let me edit it a little bit ago? I had to comment on my own post in order to update this with new information. Cupcake delivery. Genius.