There comes a time when a thing that was once yours isn’t yours anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just the way the world works. Old blood rushes out, new blood rushes in, and things change. I think the worst thing one can do is to is to either rage against change or to try to move in a direction that one doesn’t easily go.

It’s kind of like going to a bar. At first you’re one of the people who discovered the place. Then you’re a regular Dorothy Parker - part of the round table. Time passes and then you’re the old guy at the end of the bar that lives in the good old days and who arouses the suspicions of the new patrons. The current topics escape your grasp. As Brian Wilson once said, “I just wasn’t made for these times.”

Clashtalk has been good to me. It allowed me to live out my awkward humorist writer fantasies until what little muse I had fled, and then it put up with me even after that.

We had glorious fun when it was us against Gawker Industries, but what can the snarkiest of Lilliputians to do when our Gulliver is mortally wounded by Silicon Valley Brobdingnagians? “This is not a post” has no meaning any more.


Still, time marches on and sometimes it passes us by. The current Clashtalk is a meritocracy and one doesn’t get along merely on prior doings.

So it’s time to move on. Apologies to those who I’ve offended and thanks to those who have appreciated things I’ve written, especially the longer pieces.


Nothing’s worse than someone who hangs around too long, so farewell. Of course I’m vain enough to hope that there will be comments. Feel free to tell me to fuck off or not. I’ll appreciate both, but I won’t reply. When you say good bye, walk out the goddamn door.

To those who have praised the things I’ve put thought into, understand that I treasure that. To those who have scorned the stupid things I have said and done, know that I have learned from that as well.


One usually ends these sorts of diatribes with a meaningful quote about memories and all that, so I’ll quote myself:

“The good old days are apparently the ones you’re not in anymore.”

Indeed. They were good old days.