A most heartfelt thank you to the city of San Francisco for putting on an amazing event at city hall this evening.

Moms told me at Easter that they were lighting up the exterior of city hall like the Armenian flag this evening so I jumped on the bus immediately after work, not giving myself the chance to get settled and lazy and punk out. I get there at 6:30, and ain’t nothing lit up. I ask the cops out front about it, they were super nice (one I totally recognized from somewhere, and I can’t put my finger on it) and told me to ask the dudes setting up gear across the street. Made sense. I hit them up polite as can be, and this light tech motherfucker gives me he’s not “authorized” to say anything about what they were doing or what was going on. The fuck is that about?

Now I’m kinda pissed, waiting for the wife and thinking I just made the trip down there for nothing else but to say I tried... and I can’t help but notice a fair amount of attractive young women with high cheekbones, dark curly hair and big noses rolling into city hall, along with smatterings of people who looked related to me. And sure enough there was a big old shindig going on, with a big “PRIVATE” sign in front of it. Inquired about that to po-po with my best puppy dog eyes. They basically encouraged me to crash it. So we did.

I thought I was just gonna take my stankin ass down there to see the place lit up from the outside (at least an hour before sunset, like a genius), and then get a slice of pizza. And suddenly I’m at a serious, food and drinks and suits genocide commemoration event, in the same clothes I wore to hose shit off the sidewalk today, work gloves tucked into the back pocket and everything. Thankfully (coincidentally?) they packed up the food right after we got there, and cleared the main floor for a dance piece about Armenian history. This was the classiest thing I have been present for in a long, long time. It was really good too. Not too heavy but still had my aunties reaching for the Kleenex they had stashed in their sleeves, the right amount of moving parts... I could dig it. We also got married right there back in ‘09. So that’s pretty cool.

And there were a lot of people there- pretty sure at least a thousand. People were on the outside of the main floor and a few deep around the balconies. I seriously thought about apologizing for my filthy state and explaining myself to my cousins I was pressed up against, but I figure they must know the deal off my hair. It sounded like it was the end of the scheduled proceedings when the dance concluded so we took off, and sure enough Mr. Not Authorized and his boys had the outside of city hall lit up like the Armenian flag. Fuck yeah. But what was most noticeable was all the fucking people. There was a huge line of people, hundreds, trying to get into city hall. I have no idea what the hell was going on. I assume that there was a smaller, “private” deal early that we unwittingly stumbled into, and then the building being lit up after dark was a bigger, public thing? I’m curious enough that I’m going to have to look that up tomorrow but by 8:00 I was hungry and satisfied enough to call it a night. But yeah between inside during the event and outside after, I’m thinking it was getting toward a couple thousand people there. It was a good group... a good group.

Oh yeah, fuck Obama and Hillary too.