[EDIT] Thanks to Myrna Minkoff and Lannister Handjob for helping me figure out my technical questions about banned commenters.

The answer is, no. If you or I are banned, our comments will never show up on an article, even if some other approved commenter stars us. You can see our comments in the Dashboard view, but most commenters don’t use that option. And now we know!

If you are banned from a blog, can those who follow you still see your comments? And if not, can they upvote your comments from the Dashboard

I’m actually not in a position to test this out myself unless someone achieved the incredible feat of getting banned from Lifehacker, but I am curious about this.

Anyone willing to run an experiment to help me learn about the current protocol on postin

You: an approved commenter on Jezebel, willing to see if my comments show either on your dashboard or the blog article.

It has to be Jezebel, because that’s where I was banned, but if this works, the rules probably apply to anyone who was similarly banned.

The article is here, including my comment.