I go for massages every so often, and afterwards, they send me a link to take a survey. One of the questions throws me every time.

Did your therapist announce the starting and ending time for your convenience?

Can you guys help clear this up for me? What does this mean? As in, did she specifically announce the time? “It is now 8:05 and we are starting your massage.” No, none of them ever have, because they’d sound like weird robots. But did she, at the end of the massage, let me know we were done and she was stepping out of the room for me to get dressed? Of course, because it’d be super weird for them to just silently slip out of the room without a word. What kind of weird ass requirements is this place putting on their employees that they’re trying to measure?

I’d write in how odd of a question I think it is if it weren’t a radio yes/no question. I always just select “no” but then I worry that I’m getting these people in trouble. Though I’ve almost always given them high marks on everything else, so it can’t be that bad.