Given Gawker’s go-to response to anything their writers do (“As an editor, all of the lies/slurs/outing were my fault”), it stands to reason that a guy hired by John Cook would, when faced wih his own (apparent) malfeasance would toe that line as well, but one wouldn’t have expected him to do so so vigorously. From Gawker’s (weird...I wouldn’t have expected them to report on another site’s problems; talk about going off-brand) story on the Intercept affair:

(Was it sloppy? Yes? But I’m a cub reporter and expected a sustained and competent editor to guide me, something which I never had at your company and something with which The Intercept continues to struggle as everyone in this business knows.)

If only you people had told me you can’t make things up in stories you’re reporting, I wouldn’t have done so. What kind of “journalists” are you, anyway?