Saturday Night Social on Jez talked about a brewery that moved into an old Kellogg Co. factory, and decided to conjure up the ghosts of old Pop Tarts and reincarnate them into a new beer. Sounds atrocious.

It’s impossible to articulate how reading this made me feel, but it immediately took me back to a place and time, long since forgotten.

The middle school I attended was 2 blocks from this particular plant. The aroma of freshly roasting Corn Flakes in the morning would waft over the surrounding area and permeate every ounce of your being.

You always knew when you were getting close to school when the sweet, toasty, fragrance, would hit you. It was comforting to sit in class and be enveloped by the smell drifting throughout the entire school.

It’s a smell like no other and it’s interesting that over 40+ years later, It’s still ingrained into my senses and brings back so many lost memories. Fuck Pop Tart flavored beer.

This isn’t the only smell that’s ingrained into my existence. My elementary school was a block away from a General Foods plant where they roasted and packaged Maxwell House coffee.


Oh my God. The smell of freshly roasting coffee every morning enveloped the entire area and even though I was to young to drink coffee, the harsh aroma that I was accosted with every morning for all those years has left me with a life long appreciation for the smell of freshly roasted coffee.

It’s a smell like no other. It’s not the same as freshly brewed coffee, but a very distinct and appealing aroma that would overwhelm my senses while sitting in class.

Anybody else have memories triggered by ingrained aroma’s that take you back to an earlier point in time?