This -…- is what happens when people that get really good grades and have perfect grammar (is it? tis far better than mine at any rate) are told their trite navalgazing is "really good", and just keep willing themselves in to becoming "writers", piece after boring piece. It's like she's Peggy Hill and doesn't know it.

Reminds me of those times back in school during a workshop-type course, and the best thing you can say about their work is, "Uhh, well... the grammar is really good," and somebody in the group beat you too it; leaving you, the non-elitist-yet-still-critical butthead, stumbling around, scouring the words in front of you for something positive to say about the content. Wouldn't matter so much if it was just one of your regular classmates, dabbling and trying to get a passing grade, but, no, this is the motherfucker that keeps producing stacks of these shitty essays for the college newspaper. You know, lest we all be deprived of their profound writing skills.

(Would have joined you guys on the main, but, I'm still in the naughty chair last time I checked.)