On the latest listicle of atrocious thought catalog listicles compiled by HamNo, a thread on 'selfless love of parents' had an amazing anecdote posted by mom chickaboom.

Last year for Arbor Day my twins each got a pine sapling from their school, but they never got transplanted into the yard before winter and and the kids forgot to water them over what looks like a couple months- anyway- by the time I found them hidden away in some dark corner in their pots the little trees were pretty dessicated and the kids, they were sad :( but mommies are magic right!? RIGHT!? After about three weeks of consistent drenching one of the saplings has made it back from wherever dead trees go when they die. At first the one kids was stoked yay tree is alive, and the other kids was sad because their tree was still dead, then their older brother who is at that age says "ZOMBIE TREE!!!!" So now both kids are freaked out that the one tree is green again and "you need to kill that tree mom, it's really creeping me out"

I would say ninety percent of parenthood is just waiting to see what is going to happen next

'Waiting to see what is going to happen' is a good attitude for lyfe in general.