On the post about Archaeologists' discovering an 18th century dildo, Bethany Pope evoked a scene from her time in Wales.

This is just to say that, when I worked for a charity shop in Wales (I was the weekend manager, supervising all the grannies who'd been caught shoplifting and were performing their community service), somebody donated a dildo-cum-bottle-opener made out of a treated kangaroo scrotum with a rubber-and-leather tip. My boss cleaned it up with a packet of baby-wipes and kept it on top of a stack of Leonard Cohen CD's in the back room.

And there you have it folks. I must commend the economy of words in this comment which packs in so many ludicrous details and international serendipity - Australian souvenirs accompanying a Canadian singer's CDs in a Welsh charity shop on a post about a pre-industrial Polish dildo. Bravo! And here's a picture of what Mrs. Gideon's countrymen are peddling to tourists.