All quotes pulled from the Buzzfeed article.…

The kids' coach, Jacob Scott, who is also a guidance counselor, tried to defuse the situation and was told by police that if he didn't disperse he would be arrested too.

"[The officer] goes on to say, 'If you don't disperse, you're going to get booked as well,'" Scott told Rochester Homepage. "I said, 'Sir, I'm the adult. I'm their varsity basketball coach. How can you book me? What am I doing wrong? Matter of fact, what are these guys doing wrong?'"

"As a professional, I'm speaking to the officers with dignity — 'Yes, sir' — and still and yet they see me get treated like nothing," Scott added.

"As a matter of fact, one of the police officers actually told me if he had a big enough caravan he would take all of us downtown."