Lets say you get up on a Sunday morning, you've got plans to take the kids to the park and the pool but first you want to take a shit and mess around on the computer and maybe play a round or two of Black Ops 2, so you turn on the TV, sit those kids down with some breakfast and a timer set for an hour and you say "when this timer goes off we'll go have some fun, I'll be upstairs for a little bit," and you can hear them down there while you're trying to relax, you have to come down once or twice to settle some petty disputes, but it's a generally decent morning, but then at a certain point you realize things have been pretty quiet, TOO quiet, really, so you come downstairs and you find an empty 1/4 lb bag of M&M's you'd bought for potty training your toddler-hidden on the top shelf of one of the kitchen cabinets, of course-a high chair that you'd threatened to take away the day before because you'd found your 5 year-old perched atop it in an effort to find those same M&M's in front of the kitchen cabinet and a pile of your toddler's hair on the couch because the scissors were on the same shelf as the candy and SOMEBODY decided they were a qualified hair stylist, would that be a situation where you might find yourself screaming like a maniac?