Ok, here's the deal. I went into my daughter's room and found the following article:

A "Sweet and Sexy" candy thigh garter (like a candy necklace except it was a garter) emblazoned with a woman's torso bedecked in a corset and thigh-high fishnets.

I confiscated it and at the next opportunity asked her, "what's this about?" She disclosed that her new stepmother (kids' dad remarried last month) had been given it as a wedding gift (or bachelorette gift more likely) and hadn't wanted it, so she gave it to my (15 y.o.) daughter. Daughter stated she was completely uninterested in this article and asked if I wanted it.

Am I wrong or is this a totally inappropriate and somewhat creepy thing to give a 15 year old? I mean, especially given that the original intention was that her dad was going to gnaw it off stepmother's leg, you know?