So I don't have cable, which isn't usually a problem, since I can get most of my entertainment through Netflix and various streaming services. The problem is that there's really only one night of the year I actually need to watch TV, and it's tonight—the Tony Awards, which, as I've mentioned before, I have a deep spiritual connection to. I have a cheap antenna which gets PBS, ION, and three damn home shopping channels (why are they on broadcast TV anyway?), and nothing else.

Since I didn't want to miss the Tonys again this year, I figured I'd go out and buy another, marginally less cheap antenna, on the off chance that it was the antenna, not the position of my apartment that was doing the trick. I set the thing up and...PBS, ION, and three damn home shopping channels. Looking at an antenna website, it seems that the window of my apartment faces the signal for PBS, ION, etc., with the others coming from the opposite direction, which is a problem, since the other side of my apartment has a) no windows, and b) another set of apartments on the other side.

So...unless I'm completely misunderstanding how antennae work, I'm screwed. And on PBS tonight? A damn Josh Groban fundraiser, which is the unkindest cut of all.