Last night I went out with my girlfriends to a music street fair. While out I run into a gentleman that went out with once years ago. He text inviting me come by where he was. Little did I know he already had a lady friend with him. Now at this point I'm pretty jacked up on brown liquor so we banter back and forth for an hour where we remembered the time he almost lost me in a pool game to an Irish Traveler. Yes, talking about past dates while on a date is never good but inviting your past date on your current date to talk about that past date is the worst but I digress. On this date a few years back we went to dirty dive bar bbecause I like that sort of thing. In the bar my gentleman caller wants to play pool but must play a surley old rouge before we can have the table. The man explained that in his caravan it was missing a lady for his long trips agreeing to pave driveways and hustling the elderly. He proposed that if my gentleman friend lost I should go with him and be his gypsy bride, if he won then shots all around. My gentleman friend shrugged and said "What's the worst that can happen?". Needless to say he won and I would never have 100 yards of taffeta and a million rhinstones. We had a laugh and parted ways just as I did last night with the dear gentleman until he came back to our table sans date, but that's another store for another day.