The biggest losers last night? Everybody trying to drive the “if you don’t like Cam Newton, you’re racist” train.

Never has the “I’m not racist- I hate everybody” perspective been more applicable. Cam Newton clearly is, and always has been, a douche. Just like Tom Brady, just like Ryan “Practice Squad” Tannehill, just like Colin Kaepernick, just like... lemme stop there, because it would just be quicker to list all the non-douches- Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Marcus Mariota... and Derek Carr.

Everybody had every right to not be a Cam Newton fan. He’s a front-running clown. A buddy of mine I grew up with was all in on this one, concluding with a meme equating Newton-detractors to Trump-supporters. My exact reply to all that, at 10 AM yesterday morning;

“He’s just the kind of jerk that everybody will gas up when he’s winning. Soon as they fall off, watch... ‘why is Cam Newton a jerk again?’”

Le boom.

Sure, many popular complaints about black athletes in this country are blatant dog-whistles. But there is nothing wrong with side-eyeing an NFL QB who is two different people when he’s winning or losing. It can present real problems. Obviously...