Client: how are you

DrunkExPatWriter: good. and you?

Client: nb

Client: you ready to quote on a new job

DrunkExPatWriter: Um. Just running out the door now and I didn't get paid for the old job yet!

Client: really

Client: will get that handled tommorrow though I will send the details

Client: I need 12 - 18 emails written based on the attached topics. These emails are required for a financial planner with the intention to re-engage clients from their existing database,


DrunkExPatWriter: thanks. I'm not talking about any future jobs or reading your descriptions of any future jobs until I get paid for the old jobs.

Client: Really? Don't you want to make more money?

DrunkExPatWriter: Really. I prefer to spend my time having fun with my friends or working for clients who pay on time.


Client: If I promise to pay you extra for the new job can we talk about it now?

DrunkExPatWriter: No. We can talk about it after you've paid me for the old job.

Client: I will do everything in my power to pay you for the old job tomorrow.

DrunkExPatWriter: I will gladly pay you Thursday for a hamburger today.

Client: We really need you for this job.

DrunkExPatWriter: Then you will find a way to pay me for the old job before we say a word about the new job and you will pay me double up front for the new job.


Client: Really?

DrunkExPatWriter: Yes.

Client: You will be wired money tomorrow.

DrunkExPatWriter: Talk then.

Client: Not now?

DrunkExPatWriter: Nope.