Google Plus really needs to "get on", as they say in the south. Every time I change something in my Gmail or anything in my Google account, the damn pristine white boxes pop up and say "hey, you should really do this with a MOTHERFUCKING GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT, it's really awesome, we swear!"

NOPE. Google Plus has no place in my life. I just changed my Gchat to "Hangouts" and of course the damn prompt showed up again - "it's better with a Google Plus account!" I'm actually relishing telling Google "nope!" at this point. I don't need more social media bullshit. I wish I could be shot of Facebook as well at this point (alas, I am the only one in my band with a Facebook who also understands how social media works, so that's not going to happen) but I definitely don't need a barren ghost town of a social media network pulling at my hem, begging me for a fucking quarter or a cigarette or something just please notice me.

ETA GOD DAMN YOU GOOGLE: I just tried to install Hangouts on my phone and now it's telling me I HAVE to have a Google Plus account. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage.