For the twelfth time in two years (yeah, I have been counting), no, I do not have a date picked out for my wedding becuase, NO, I am not engaged. Yes, I have a long-term boyfriend (3.5 years!). OoOo, I get what you're saying, you're probably worried that we're ~*~dOiN iT~*~ in sin, right? We are! I appreciate your concern for my eternal soul. Problem is (as I have told you before when we had a conversation about religion that was entirely inappropriate for the workplace), us Jews don't believe in hell, so I won't be going there. Also (as I have never and will never tell you), us atheists also don't believe in hell, so I double won't be going there!

Stop coming by my office and announcing your presence by asking "have you set a date?" "can I see the ring?" "how was the proposal?" There is a member of our team who lives with his girlfriend, why don't you go ask him about his wedding plans for a change?

Someday I'm gonna snap and just tell him that I'm pregnant or something to see how he reacts.