Tonight America has lost a titan, a great politician, a sterling rhetorician, and an even better human being: Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield. The man who wanted to make sure that teachers couldn't tell students about wicked, wicked sodomites. The man who sought to warn us all about the dangers of having sex with AIDS-infected monkeys. The man who tried to protect taxpayers from having to give welfare to stupid children. The man who tried to shield his state's virginal college students from hearing about sex.The man who, well, once got kicked out of a football game for refusing to remove his luchador mask.

Tonight, the dream is dead, as Knoxvillians voted and, sadly, some other guy kicked Campfield's ass in the Republican primary, 67%-28%.

Campfield's blog has been updated—he's removed all of his posts and replaced them with words of defiance from Old Blue Eyes himself. Sadly, he didn't even update his "about me" information at the top, no doubt too disillusioned by the people he tried to serve so well.

Not anymore, Stacey, not anymore. Godspeed.

And as for you bastards in Knoxville, I hope you're happy with yourselves. Enjoy hell.