After Sam makes fun of poor defenseless brands, Nick comes to the rescue.

"Of course a brand can be your friend", says Nick (we are on a first name basis now). He discloses his biases before going into his lengthy speech

Of course, the temptation is to dismiss your brand-bashing essay as sophomoric attention-grabbing, playing to a gallery of a few hundred journalists on Twitter and a few hundred people you want to sleep with. My own motives are subject to obvious question: as the largest shareholder within Gawker Media, my wealth depends on brand advertising

And goes on to say

Sam, you write for a brand within a brand within a brand. In fact, you are yourself a brand: puerile, nihilistic, infuriating, occasionally infuriatingly brilliant. As Simon Owens says: "Sam Biddle complaining about #brands is like a teenager decrying capitalism as his parents pay for his private school."


And biddle responds in a comment below.