Just last month Denton said

Gawker Media is the only truly independent media company to achieve lift-off on the web. Even this year, not one of our best for stories, our U.S. monthly audience has grown healthily, up a fifth, a growth rate that many media companies would be thrilled with. We have plenty of momentum.

But here, Gawker is seen taking bribes from other banks and funds probably the powerful feminist cabal that runs this once-great nation.

but his 2015 plan does include raising millions of dollars of debt from a few banks and funds. Denton says the amount will be "less than 10% of the company's open-value market of equity," likely $15 million. And he promises Gawker will still be "beholden to no one."

What should we call this, Dentonghazi? Dentongate? Whatever it is, it is truly a

wait for it...


wait for it...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

dent on gawker's reputation and credibility.