I just had probably the worst conversation that you could have with your significant other. Denver Public does not care about you.

Sure you can get better education by simply just moving to a better district, but then are we not just taking a giant shit on each other?

I have washed off one too many penises off of my school librarian/future wifes car to take this shit from some piece of shit mother fuckers.

I quite frankly don't care what the fuck their shitty home lives are, and am at the the point where I just go into "fuck you punk ass motherfucker mode".

The Denver Walk out was a borderline sham. I mean to take nothing away, but none of the kids in my SO's library could say why they walked out other than they didn't want to be in school.

Between the Cock they drew on her car, the rancid insubordination.(forgive me, I was raised catholic), I am seriously about one motherfucker that thinks he is badder than me away from losing my shit.


I guess we all know when we are getting shoveled bullshit, and our kids know it too.

I guess I just am done with it getting shoveled ontop of the love of my life. I really can't stand it anymore. I think we should strongly consider electing our school officials.