So, there is offensive driving, there is defensive driving, I had not heard of evasive driving really until today.

I am more certain than ever that Denver is chock loaded with straight psychopathic drivers. Today before work, I take the lady to the local Starbucks in the morning to get a cup of joe, and when I am getting into the turn lane, some dumb son of a bitch pulls out from the starbucks, and completely takes the widest fucking turn possible wearing sunglasses talking on his fucking phone and not paying any attention to what he is actually doing, and pulls into the turn lane.

I slam on the horn and fucking get back into the lane I was in, and then I snapped. I don't usually sweat this kind of shit, but a part of me fucking snapped, and I flipped a bitch right there and started speeding after this fucking asshole while my future wife is freaking the fuck out asking me what the fuck I am doing, and all I could see was red.

This dumb motherfucker pulls into a turn lane about 2 lights down in the other direction, and when I get behind him, I start to unbuckle my seat belt while my girl is grabbing me trying to keep me in the fucking car, I am already screaming at this mother fucking piece of garbage, and before I can even set foot outside of the car this douche nozzle fucking runs the red light at the intersection and quickly takes a right turn into some neighborhood.

I cannot remember the last time I have ever been so upset about something like this. I literally had every intention of dragging that penis fart out of his car and literally giving him the thrashing of his fucking life.

We still ended up getting starbucks, and I asked the lady working at Starbucks if she knew the guy I was talking about, based on the piece of shit red chevy cruz he was driving and she said he was a total fucking weirdo, and was not the least bit surprised.


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