Sorry to contribute to Rich getting any clicks but: Did y’all see his post about the British TV show where people are judged by their various body parts? It was too long and said nothing (surprise) and the show sounds silly, but a few of the comments were amusing. I especially liked the indignation of this person’s, which included such delicious pomposities as “Considering the plethora” and “our modern age” and reached a histrionic peak with “I can say, with no exaggeration...”

Besides the hissy fit, he misses the point. If it were only people standing around nude, it wouldn’t be a show. It’s really about the people choosing the naked subjects, and revealing their anatomical preferences. The approval/disapproval of the chooser is what makes the “story.” And I think that is what is really making the commenter so upset: dick rejection anxiety.


I also enjoyed the antique sound of “type...into a Google search engine.” I read it picturing the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey.