I’m so excited about this. I loved Xena so much. A friend mentioned the reboot to me over the weekend and I’ve been reading all about it. (I’m several months late on the news, but that’s just how these things go. I miss everything.)

AND the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle will finally be more than (super overt, undeniable) subtext, which makes me very happy.

Lucy Lawless already said she’s too old to do it, which I get because it’s a stunt-heavy show, but it’s still disappointing. I really hope this show actually happens. I’ll be all over it.


I hope they keep it at least a little campy and realize that’s a big part of the appeal. I’m optimistic about them redesigning costumes. I’m nervous about it being a reboot rather than a revival, with some rewritten backstories, but on the other hand, the show went to some really weird places in the last couple seasons (like that 25 year sleep...) that might be better left behind and rewritten. Still, I’m mostly excited. Xena!