I gave you all my big news about a month ago, so I hope you don’t mind getting another update. I know I could certainly use something else to focus on other than Trump ruining people’s lives and doing just absolutely fucking horrifying things that make me wonder if it’s at all wise to bring a life into what this country is devolving into.

So anyway. My little parasite is doing well. According to the pregnancy tracker I’ve been looking at, it’s about the size of a lego minifigure. We heard a heartbeat at the last appointment, which was neat. I seem to have gotten past the worst of the nausea - it’s certainly not gone but it’s pretty manageable. Overall it seems like I’m having a relatively easy go of it all so far. Little bit of nausea, some aches, some heart racing and having to realize I need to take my physical activity down a notch. I’m pretty sure my belly is already getting bigger, which I didn’t expect to happen this early. Still easily hideable so far, but I’m going to have to start thinking about the whole maternity clothes thing soon.

I told my family and my mother-in-law. They were good at first, but now they’re starting to get on my nerves. We made it clear to everyone that we didn’t want to talk about it all the time, and of course that’s all they want to do. My mom is trying though. She keeps sending me fishing texts like “So how are you doing...” and I respond by telling her about work and other things and she takes the hint. My pregnant sister seems to think that the fact that I don’t want to talk about it with them means that I’m stressed out or unhappy about the pregnancy. I don’t know, whatever. They mean well. My MIL is being rough though, because she took us telling her that I didn’t really want to be asked for updates all the time (which, first off, she was like “but whyyyyy”), and is now just bugging bearddamnheroes constantly asking for updates, because she didn’t understand that he didn’t really want that either. On the plus side, he now understands why I didn’t really want to tell people.


Ok, so literally in the middle of writing this, I got a call from my mother. My sister lost her baby. So I suppose that puts things in perspective a bit. I’m going to have to figure out how to be supportive without being intrusive or weird. This is going to be difficult.