What have you been up to? Read, heard, or tasted anything interesting lately? I would like to hear from you. Especially so if you would like to hang out and post in CLT a little more. The mod team is going to keep an eye out for new authors and your replies to this post will give us an idea of who to look out for. (If you’re an existing author, I still want to know that you’re alive or I’ll contact your family for our cut of your estate.)

If you’re wondering if you’re right for CLT, the best thing to do is spend time here. Our fantastic authors from a variety of backgrounds bring interesting, nuanced perspectives when we talk about Gawker Media, politics, gender, science, race, books, music, and internet silliness. This is a community, so we look for community behaviours. The quickest way to our hearts is probably not a call out post.

So, what’s up?