Okay, I’ll admit, I probably watch too many “prestige” shows. And to have fun and analyze them I read reviews on Reddit and various networks after each showing.

My show that I’m watching now is the leftovers. And the gender dynamics of the commentariat make me want to throw up in my mouth. Also, they say liv Tyler is old and unattractive. I guess with my usual internet haunts I have inured myself against this misogyny.

Also, watching GoT and Westworld and reading about drooping boobs and lack of agency makes me less hopeful than a trump rally. Like Jesus Christ, no one can examine a show and see that it can support women characters and see that it’s still fucked up. And that a woman on tv over 25 means we’re supposed to assume that she’s an old shrew. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews.

If people read this, please recommend good shows that we can examine and discuss.