My poor puppy had to go to the vet today. A few days ago I noticed her right eye wasn't working right- it wasn't blinking and she didn't acknowledge any movement coming toward her eye. Then Friday the right side of her mouth started to droop and have drool pour out of it when she ate. Her right ear also has an infection and when I cleaned it, it started to bleed.

The vet said that she has nerve damage from an unknown origin. Best case is it's from her ear infection. Worse case is she has a brain tumor. The in-between case is that she's had a doggie version of a stroke. Right now, she's being treated with eye drops 3 times a day to keep the eye wet and we're waiting on blood work to come back. The vet is confident she's not in any pain, which is a relief.

I honestly don't know how I'll handle any more pet loss. I just lost my other beloved dog 6 months ago- I can't do it again. Especially not this soon.

The picture above is of her taken today at the beach. We decided that after the questionable news at the vet's, we all needed a treat - only to have a tire blow on the way there.