That was one of the worst Sundays in Raider fan-dom history.

Apparently Dennis Allen appreciated my sympathetic salute to his Raiders tenure last week so much that he decided it would be juuuuuuust the perfect time to throw in the towel. Or at least his team did. To be fair, in a game with his job undoubtedly on the line, Dennis made the executive decision to leave Denarius Moore inactive. So we can't say he didn't personally put in the effort.

His now former team, on the other hand... Jesus Fucking Christ. What was that? They marched down the field for an opening-drive TD, then proceeded to make Ryan Tannehill look like fucking Joe Montana. Those are two separate sides of the ball of course, but nobody escapes harsh criticism for this debacle. Even Khalil Mack, who went into the game rated as PFF's #1 LB against the run, #2 rookie (Kyle Fuller, I assume?), and #3 3-4 LB overall (wow), got spotlighted for lazy play. I guess we can absolve Derek Carr of too much guilt though, because hey, he got hurt!

To illustrate just how awful this game was, that's the fucking good news (aside from the team playing so bad that it completely justified Allen's firing. Great effort guys!). Carr is saying he'll be good to go after the bye. He actually played pretty bad after the opening drive. But it appeared as if he was pressing more than anything else, and nobody seemed too interested in following his lead. He was showing marked improvement in stepping up in the pocket and handling the pass rush, one of the biggest knocks against him coming into the league. But even before he went down the game was clearly illustrating something I had been worrying about. I'm all for young QBs playing ASAP. But if you have a stud who looks like he could eventually win the Indy 500, do you really want him out there driving the race in a fucking '82 Volvo? I've seen enough from him to know that even if Carr's not THAT DUDE, as long as no limbs get amputated above the joint between now and April, we're not drafting a QB in the top half of the draft.

It was also notable that when Carr got hurt, not only did he stay in and run another play, but not one other player came over and assisted him. So basically The Franchise got hung out to dry by both the players and coaches. They didn't have the benefit of slo-mo, and just thought he was trying to walk something off... I guess? That's the only explanation I can come up with, and I'm not going to strain myself on it because he's obviously well-liked by the team, it's part of why he earned the job, and everybody agrees that his character is the one thing better than his arm. That was still a real bad look though.

So Tony Sparano is our head coach now. There was reportedly some unexpected dicking around in selecting him, because heaven forbid we even fail correctly. Greg Olson got some consideration (eh, OK), as did Al Saunders (the fuck?). It made me wonder if Sparano was given some say in our FA signings and was now being held accountable. Who knows. He did a great job with our O-line last year but hasn't always gotten along with everybody too well in some of his previous stops. So at the very least, we can hope that the team will be as miserable as the rest of us for the duration of the season.


And who knows, the way the team phoned it in with their coach's job on the line, maybe something really was rotten and there are some positive changes to be readily made. I haven't been reading up on shit like I could have this week because I've already suffered enough. But it sounds like Sparano is coming out the box talking shit. May as well rattle some cages. What's the worst that can happen? I don't know, but we'll probably find out next Sunday!

I wanted to write a brief hilarious post about the Raiders vs. the bye week, but that's low-hanging fruit at this point.

For the fucking love of all that is holy... go Raiders.