I really have a theory. It is probably completely wrong, but it is my hail marry pass, my lonnng shot play. So Obama knew Trump got played by the Russians. Knew it. For a fact. At the very least he knew they hacked the DNC AND the RNC. You give that shit to Julian, he obviously is an ego maniac, releases anything to be relevant. Now, stay with me, he promised a real bomb heading up to the election, annnnnd nothing. He thought he was getting the RNC hack. He thought he was getting the other half. His very well being is dependant on knowing what people don’t. There is nothing he could possibly say online, and even possibly in the written word that could be a secret. Does anybody really worry about Ecuador strongly objecting to violating there sovereignty?! He is as useful an idiot as you can find.

My actual hope is the intelligence community was given time to find out how much of a conflict of interest Trump is. Not that he even cares what a douche he is, but that you can make a compelling argument that he just doesn’t care. If he was impeached, his fans could give a fuck.

Mike Pence is the endgame. And the republican party is okay with that. So says my crazy conspiracy. It’s like accepting a scandal from a completely unskilled politician. They might actually let him resign gracefully. Although I doubt he would.