Everyone is going to town on the Ray Rice getups, about how terrible it is to laugh at domestic violence and black face.

I couldn't admit it there, but I think I can tell you that one of the best, most memorable costumes I've seen in years was created by my former coworker and his wife.

He had on orange scrubs and a chain tied around his waist.

She had on a simple dress over a baby bump, jean jacket, and boxes painted grey over her feet, and had a thin line of blood dribbling out the side of her mouth.

That's it, the whole costume.

The entire night of the Halloween party we tried to guess who they were dressed as. Was she a vampire? A pregnant vampire?? Was he a patient? How did that go together?

At the end of the night, just as the party broke up, they finally fessed up to who they had come dressed as:

Scott and Laci Peterson.

Everyone at the party rolled with laughter. The concept and the reveal was so dark and subtle, it impressed us to no end.


I don't support murder or think it's funny, but that was one great costume.