Fuck that morning after blog dude bro whatever.

According to his own words:

"But when you arrive at the Morning After, today and every day from now on, I can promise you three things: You will get great writing.Ekphrasis is the terminal goal of all critical writing, and it's better to have that up over the door than sneak it in through the back way.

You will get your say, because nothing kills a conversation faster than some fake idea that any writer, about something as subjective as art, is an expert of record or has a better or more valid opinion than the people she's writing for. That's critics, and they have their own club; that is not what we are interested in doing."

I commented on the stream of bullshit article he wrote about Greys Anatomy (who watches that shit anymore) and he dismissed me! So I wrote another comment, including his own words above, and was dismissed again! Way to encourage the audience.


What a power hungry little fucker.