Cold Sunday in Montpellier. Not that much to do. Was happy to have the E-cigarette experiment going on because I could sip beer and vap inside.

A couple of other people were vaping as well. Wondering if as it gets colder if I'll suddenly see a lot more vaping (the vaping stores didn't open up in town until late Spring/Early Summer and not much incentive to vape when it's 85 degrees out.)

I'm noticing the smell of cigarettes a lot more. But not in the "eww gross" way that people seemed to expect. More in the "they remind me of childhood way."

When I was outside for a bit gave a couple cigarettes to Cool Lesbian (she can only afford rollies at the moment and loves regular cigs) to see if I'd be tempted to smoke if someone was smoking my brand right next to me.

Turns out I was happy to vape. But did love the smell.

Have noticed I've been getting tired and going to bed earlier. I think the speed effects of the nicotine burn me out a bit

Decided that when I'm in Paris there are going to be some times when I want to smoke real cigarettes. (I can't imagine not having a real cigarette after a nice dinner in Paris.) But I do want to test the E-cigarette out in Paris as well so Friday through Sunday will be a mix of vaping and smoking.

To make this as easy as possible (and give myself an interesting journal entry) on Thursday I'm going to smoke instead of vape all day and see if smoking feels different after a week of not smoking.

Anyway It's now 11:54 a.m. Monday and the last real cigarette I had was 11:30 a.m. Friday.