I almost went to that debacle. My brother's lady had a line on some tickets from the Alameda Unified School District. However, they entailed meeting a group at 9:30 to catch a bus in, and being required to stay until 5:00 to catch a bus out. My brother and I both said, "Fuck that." And that concludes the good news from Sunday.

Everybody played like crap. DJ Hayden belongs at the top of the list. Not the biggest deal in the world. Elway went right after Woodson in his first game ever, with great success. Terry McDaniel took awhile before he became one of the best corners, if not players, in the league for a couple years. And Nnamdi took even longer to get it together.

Our offense isn't built to play from behind, as if it's build for anything other than survival. But that was still shit. Darren McFadden hurting his hammy again just made it feel like all the various varieties of classic Raiders suck came back to kick me in the balls all at once. I swear if you look at his stats, you're shocked by all the games McFadden has actually played over the course of his career. Fuck are all those 12's and 13's doing there? I would expect something more along the lines of Mr. Davis' dating history pre-Mrs. Davis, nothing but 9's and 10's.

Legitimate questions are being raised about Terrelle Pryor, namely, is he the ideal man to carry a good team to a title, or is he the ideal man to carry a depleted roster through a throw-away season? It is not good for him that the 2014 draft is absolutely loaded with supposed first-round caliber QB's. And there are people who know a lot about football who believe Matt McGloin has serious potential. You need to tell me how he looked on Sunday though, because I turned that bullshit off at the start of the 4th quarter. But I have read that the Raiders would also like to get a decent look at him before they take another QB with a high pick.

And yeah, that's where we are again, without a doubt. The draft. Next year. *Sigh* And given that four of our next five games are on the road, who knows how deep in the mix we'll get in that regard. It's time to start focusing all my karmic energy on the lone goal I had for this season; beating Bill Callahandjob on Thanksgiving. Oh man, I am so going to ruin Thanksgiving.