A second date over coffee with that lass you met, Verity?

Discourse and back rubs,,day drinking in estate pubs.

Throwing money away on horses, debating editorial sources

A shared happiness that's trying to relate, getting dirty to fill a plate

Traffic jams on the way to the beach, a zen like state that's hard to reach

Reading the paper in the sun, smoking ciggies one by one

Throwing rocks into a river, tending crops so they dont wither

Holding a love, with sleepy eyes yet to open, watching the dawn rise , fresh and unbroken

Away day breaks are hard to find

So enjoy CLT and rest your mind

Happy easter to you Clashtalk, I'm presuming the good Friday holiday extends all over? Not that I'm on a day off but I kind of feel in a holiday mode, well in a odd sort of contemplative fashion. Knowing that other people are.