I won't bore you with the details, but earlier I read one of the millions (not to be hyperbolic) of essays about how today's students are terrible and demand that teachers hold their hands at all times. [Editor's note: some students are terrible and do demand hand-holding, but I've seen many teachers who blow this out of proportion, complaining about things like having students stop by during office hours to ask for help with assignments and receiving e-mails. No, I am not making either of those up.]

This particular essay took issue with students who want to know how their work will be graded. For a number of reasons, establishing a standard (and letting students know what it is, how they can meet it) is a good idea, and most of the commenters on the essay pointed that out. Then there was this person, who points the blame squarely where it belongs—the sciences:

I hate the "sciences vs. humanities" canard on principle, but if you're going to hop on it and stand on the side of humanities, could you at least use correct words and complete sentences? Failing that, could you at least explain this hole theory that will somehow kill us all?