Wow is this film staggeringly bad. To all the people who bitched about Prometheus I can only say "Watch this film motherfuckers!"

Rome Girl's comment was "This is the most racist film I've seen since I had to watch Birth of a Nation at NYU."

Hard to argue with that when this film insists we believe that Matt Damon is a poor Mexican who grew up in Brazil.

There is nothing good about this film. Every single second about it makes the film worse.

It steals great ideas from other movies and somehow sucks at it. Seriously, it steals from Escape From New York, Total Recall, Terminator and Dark City and somehow makes these wonderful things they are stealing from boring.

Even worse is that is that you could make a fun movie out of this material. If you had people who were not super serious and just wanted to have fun with the movie it might work. Danny Trejo an Sigorney Weaver would probably know what to do with this material. The actual actors don't have a clue.

This is not even getting into the fact that we waste at least 20 minutes on Damon and Foster demonstrating for no reason that they can speak Spanish and French, respectively.

There is absolutely nothing good about this film other than the fact that it might make people re-evaluate Prometheus in comparison and declare it a classic film.