Thanks to social media I have had not 1 but 2 commenters bring

this smoldering tire fire to my attention.

I am not going to fucking sit here and just lay down and act like this kind of shit isn't the fucking problem. Eat whatever the fuck you damn well please. Really do this. Just don't fucking sit there and shame people FOR YOU FEELING ASHAMED.

I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. I really fucking don't. JD's problem is he puts too much fucking weight into what people think about you! Be as fat as you fucking want, I am all for it. Just remember when you make unhealthy choices, other people are going to look at you LIKE YOU ARE MAKING UNHEALTHY CHOICES.


Let's actually talk about the fucking problem. That problem is you putting YOUR SELF ESTEEM IN SOMEBODY ELSES HANDS! I find this all the more ironic because he runs his constant commiserating pieces on depression stories that I really believe do nothing but let people dwell on the problem that they face, in attempt to irresponsible try and manage someones personal issues. Seek PROFESSIONAL help.

I was diagnosed/labeled with a dysthymic disorder when I was 14 years old. This is the first and the last time I will ever mention this anywhere in the gawkerverse. I am aware, and I struggle with it regularly, but it does not ever define me. It does not run my fucking life, and I have never ever referred to it as a disability. Just because something is a part of you does not mean it has to run your fucking life.


Anybody that isn't trying to give you your power back in your life is only trying to take it away, and snag a piece of it themselves. That is my fucking problem with this kind of bullshit. I have a litany of reasons to be upset with his writing, and persona, but I will tackle one issue at a time for now.

And no true big fella said this in the history of ever.


Yes everyone, I have thought about this for quite some time. So put on your fucking seat belts Clashtalk. I just fucking took the gloves off.