And tell me what I’m having for dinner tonight. I unexpectedly ended up with a giant bowl of strawberries yesterday (a friend went strawberry picking with kids and ended up with too much), and some are overripe, so I need to get through them.

I figure I should bake something maybe? I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to baking though. I can make apple crisp, so I’m almost debating making like a strawberry crisp, but I feel like there’s a reason no one does that. I’m not sure about the flavors making sense.

There’s also the possibility to just make a salad or something because I have some baby spinach, but salads are mostly boring.

If I get stuck, I’m probably going to just throw them into a blender with yogurt and ice and call it a day.

ETA: I was looking for an image to add to this post and found this creepy one.


It reminds me of MaterialGhoul for some reason.