Because I know what you're not having: my mind-blowingly good spanakopita.

I just spent my entire Saturday making spanakopita, my cooking efforts greatly aided by a liberal amount of booze. (It goes in my tummy, not in the food.) My spanakopita is so good, after you've had it, you'd rather die than despoil your mouth with any other food.

I use Tyler Florence's great recipe as a base, with a few tweaks that make it so much more divine.

First off, put way more lemon in the spinach mixture. At least one half to an entire extra lemon. Make that stuff good and tangy.

The other trick is when it comes to the layers of phyllo dough. I sprinkle not only the oregano and chives that Florence recommends on each paper thin layer, but also fresh dill and ground coriander. I use an extremely generous amount of all of these ingredients. It makes each bite so much more aromatic and flavorful.


Finish with a simple avgolemono sauce for dipping, using eggs, broth, and lemons. Really any basic recipe you can find on the internet will do when it comes to the sauce.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my husband and I have to go devour four pounds of spinach and two pounds of butter. I always make a double batch of this stuff, because if you're going to make a crazy high maintenance recipe, you might as well go all out.