1. Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up Parliament and put in place a Catholic Theocracy

2. Guy Fawkes Day celebrates burning his effigy to celebrate his failure and later to rebel against authority by burning contemporary leaders' effigies as well.

3. Guy Fawkes, over time, is made into a kind of folk hero because people liked that he wanted to kill the king and defy authority. He's made into a sympathetic figure.

4. A boring, dumb, loud movie is made where Guy Fawkes is not explained very well and nerds slobber over themselves to buy masks to emulate a terrible interpretation of Guy Fawkes. In this movie Fawkes is inexplicably all about Democracy and freedom in the face of tyranny instead of who he actually was: a Catholic zealot who wanted to bring England under Papal rule.

But hey, keep wearing those masks. The bastardized symbol propagated by a multi-million dollar movie studio shows how rebellious you are.