So, my folks are having a cookout because throwing fire on charcoal is exactly the thing to do when the temperature breaks so that it's only "hellishly hot" instead of "rage-inducing" hot. My much younger cousins (early 20s) come over and one of them shows me and my Mom her new very elaborate tattoo. Then everyone else starts showing their various tattoos.

I'm an Internet Old, so my Mom is Internet Ancient. She's very opinionated, but kinda goes with the flow on all these new things like people cohabiting without marriage, people being gay & married, people sending e-cards instead print thank you notes. Anyway, she evidently really hates tattoos. (It's never come up because I'm 'meh' on tattoos). And she started grilling my cousins about why they needed to have these tattoos, won't they have enough problems being black and getting a good professional jobs without having that stuff where everyone can see, blah, blah. So they talk back to her that everyone has them, they are totally acceptable, they have meaning, etc.

She ends with, "I just don't know why girls want to go around looking like harlots these days." My cousins were really chill about it, but I got a little mad and said that was a terrible thing to say, she should apologize, etc. While mom and I are squabbling, everyone drifts away.

So I just went up to the family room where said cousins are clustered around the dictionary and one of them asks me, "how do you spell 'harlot?"