My favorite writers to take giant chunks out of are fantasy sports writers hands down. I am fairly certain that the only twitter account, outside of a guy promoting his own christian ministry, to block me is Matthew Berry, ESPN's head fantasy sports writer. Matthew Berry is best known for writing the script to Crocodile dundee III, I will just leave that out there and let you decide if you want your league pot or not.

Today, I am going to be digging in on fantasy expert Scott Pianowski, a man who takes fantasy sports seriously, "amigos". His drivel makes me insane on a couple different levels. My main beef is how unapologetic he was about Dee Gordon on his sunday live blog.

Dee Gordon is a player that at one point in time, when he was 22 and a freaking rookie, everybody said the sky was the limit for this guy. 3 disappointing seasons later at the age of 25, Gordon is off to the hottest start to his career and Scott, once supported, now says such stupid things like,"he is a total liability in the field." (doesn't matter for shit in fantasy baseball.), and other great tidbits like,"he just doesn't look like a baseball player to me." The icing to this cake is mostly he once ran the hype machine for Gordon, but now that he is off the train, he felt it necessary to set it on fire.

Now do I expect Gordon to bat .400 all year long?! Absolutely not. Is it outside of the realm of belief that this guy finishes with 50+ stolen bases, 80 to 100 runs and a .270 to .280 batting average on the year?! Absolutely not, and that is more than serviceable coming from either your second baseman or your shortstop, especially one batting leadoff in that not so bad, Dodgers lineup. (he has duel position eligibility in most leagues.)

So shut the fuck up Scott.