Goddamn, I love you guys.

RealAmurrican was the tenth person in. We now have a complete league, half of us including myself being CTers. I know ICN is in there, pretty sure Maine is as well, not sure who the fifth is. If anybody else wants in we can open it up to twelve, pretty sure I got a buddy waiting in the wings to give us an even number if needed.

The other players are my non-Mormon little brother (too cool to be a fan of a team, but at least he's not a Niner fan so it's OK), one of my best friends from high school (Raiders), my favorite USPS employee (Raiders), and two of my coworkers (Steelers, and a Raiders sympathizer- his pops is a fan, he's not as into it, and we need all the sympathy we can get).

My best friend from college, and co-founder of the league, backed out due to his mounting domestic responsibilities. It is a sad, sad day when you're former road dog texts you to say he's so locked down that he can't even play fantasy football anymore.

RealAmurrican tossed out the idea of putting some kind of stakes/wager on this, and I am open to suggestions. My idea is that the winner would get a shirt that says "GAWKER FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION," while the last place finisher gets a shirt that says "JEZEBEL FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION." Heh.