I don't know if anyone saw AW's piece on a family brawl with the Palins in Anchorage, but let me be the first to say this is a fantasy fight to me. A bare knuckle brawl that I would give one of my nipples, and possibly a testicle to LOSE, to fight the Palins.

The opportunity to go bare knuckles with them, teeters on barbaric altruism. I get that.

I just know that the things that are the hardest fought for are the things that we covet the most.

If the Palin clan wanted to go toe to toe, I would go to the farthest reaches of our world to get my shot. I promise that their hate could never exceed mine. I seriously would get a plane ticket.

I guess this brings me down to their level, but I guess I am a low creature anyhow in their eyes. I just would love to see if they got the scrap in them, that I got in me.