In retrospect, we knew your campaign was turning into a catastrophe when your brother started showing up to your campaign events to read My Pet Goat.

Do I think he’s completely done? More or less, although my hunch is that he’s dropping out now in hopes of keeping his powder dry in case of a brokered convention.

I remember reading a few years back that he had screwed up the Bush family’s plans for a dynasty—he was seen as the brother who had the better chance of getting elected President, the thought went, so he would make the leap from Florida governor to the White House and then, presumably, George W. would follow at some point thereafter. Only he lost the first time he ran for governor, while George W. won his race. And now, running as the sane establishment candidate, he’s repeatedly gotten his ass handed to him by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Now...are primary voters an accurate representation of the base, or are they the kind of extremely engaged voters (read: old people who read something about their Social Security checks being late*) who make up a minority of the base, but who are disproportionately represented in things like midterm elections? Probably closer to the latter, but still, that’s twice now that Jeb! has been a bigger disappointment than his brother. Let that one sink in for a second.

Here’s hoping he can go for the trifecta by showing up to the RNC and taking the podium just as Mitt Romney enters from the back of the hall, WWE-style.


*-In retrospect, that might be slightly mean-spirited.